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What to Expect in a Session

When coming for a Reiki session, it is important to come with an open mind and to be open to receiving the universal energy.  It is hard to pinpoint what you can expect in your Reiki session.  Some clients fall asleep during their sessions while others become quite relaxed and go into a meditative state.  Overall, a Reiki session is a relaxing experience that can bring feelings of emotional and spiritual well-being.  Many people come to me with specific ailments that they would like to target, while others are just living with too much stress in their lives.  When I place my hands on clients, they frequently comment on how warm my hands are, which is an indicator of the Reiki energy flowing.

A typical setting for a Reiki session is in a quite room.  You can either sit in a chair or lay down on the Reiki table for your session, either face down or face up, which ever you are comfortable with.  A blanket can be provided, if desired.  I leave it up to the client whether or not we play music during the session.

Sessions can last anywhere from 30- to 90-minutes.  The practitioner will connect with the energy and will place their hands on the client in different hand positions.  Practitioners never touch the breasts or genital and work off the body in the energy field in these areas.