Holistic Energy Healing

Usui Reiki Practitioner

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Course Overview

This course provides students with an introduction to Reiki.  Upon completion of this course, students will understand the history of Reiki from an Eastern and Western perspective, understand the ethics around practicing Reiki as a professional, understand hand positions for self-healing and for the healing of others, understand the applicable state laws, and understand how to sense energy flows.

Course ID: REI-100
Contact Time: 12 hours lecture, demonstration, and hands-on learning
Pre-requisite: None

Course Content

  • Getting Started
    • About This Course

    • About Capital Reiki

    • A Reiki Master's Welcome

    • What is Reiki?

    • The Path to Reiki

  • Day One
    • Schedule for Day One

    • The Reiki Gokai

    • Reiki Lineage

    • Reiki Degrees

    • The Story of Reiki

    • More About Attunements

    • Reiki for Self Healing

  • Day Two
    • Schedule for Day Two

    • Anatomy for Reiki

    • Reiki Practice Suggestions

    • Legal Statuses of Reiki

    • Reiki for Healing Others

  • Wrapping Up & Course Survey
    • Reiki Practitioner Self Test

  • Appendix
    • List of Key Terms

    • Reiki & Healing Resources

    • Energy Centers of the Body

    • Professional Reiki Organizations

  • Legal Disclaimer
    • Legal Disclaimer

  • Copyright Notice
    • Copyright Notice

  • Lessons 23
  • Language English
  • Skill Beginner
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