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An Amazing Retreat Experience

This past weekend I spent some time in the Shenandoah Mountains of Virginia at the Massanutten Resort for a Reiki Master Teacher retreat.  The weekend was full of good friends, amazing views, and going deeper with my Reiki practice.  Coming in the spring of 2017, Capital Region Reiki will be offering the opportunity to learn…

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12 Healing Benefits of Reiki

If you haven’t experiences Reiki before, there are numerous benefits that you can experience from a session.  Some subtle, but some quite pronounced. Promotes Health and Wellbeing Helps with Pain Management Promotes Mental Clarity Releases Stress & Tension Relieves Depression Reduces Anxiety Aids Relaxation Improves Sleep Smoothes Digestion Strengthens Self-Esteem Heightens Self-Awareness & Intuition Offers…

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What Can I Expect in a Typical Reiki Session?

In some ways, there is no typical Reiki session-no set protocol or length of time. Reiki can be administered by anyone who has training, which could be a professional practitioner, a healthcare provider, a friend or family member, or even you yourself if you have been trained in Reiki. Moreover, there is no typical setting:…

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Assisting with a Shoden Class

Today I assisted with a first degree Reiki class at the Reiki Center of Greater Washington.  The course looks at the history of Reiki and how Mikao Usui went up Mount Kurama to fast for 21 days in order to “die” to find himself and help others.  Made me think of how awesome it would be…

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Reiki in a Hospital Setting

If  you’ve watched television or listened to the radio lately, chances are you’ve heard an advertisement for a pharmaceutical product or medical treatment.  We have become a nation accustomed to popping pills for everything from anxiety to arthritis. Continue reading this article at Living Well Magazine.

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5 Myths about Reiki Busted

Reiki has been developing a lot since it’s (re)discovery in Japan in 1922 and to do my part in brining it more fully into our Western Post-Modern culture there are a number of myths about Reiki that I would like to bust. Read more at Your Reiki Practice

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