Capital Reiki Academy Catalog

Tuition Subsidy Program

Program Overview

Capital Reiki Academy can accommodate a small number of students annually through our tuition subsidy program. This program is funded by other students who wish to pay it forward and by students who enroll under the regular tuition plan.

The subsidy covers 100% of the tuition and fees for an enrolled learning path.

For more information, contact Subject to availability.

Terms & Conditions

Students enrolled at the Academy under the tuition subsidy program are required to attend all in-person, virtual, and hybrid lectures, participate in hands-on learning, and attend every class (except for extenuating circumstances).

Students who miss a lecture, hands-on learning session, or class without prior arrangements with the Academy director will forfeit their access to the subsidy and will be removed from the learning path.

This program cannot be applied to Residential Retreat tuition and fees.